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What is dog agility?


Agility is an obstacle course for dogs made up of many separate challenges. Faults are awarded for knocked poles, missed contacts and failed weave entries. The winner is the fastest dog with the least faults. Most dogs love to do agility, even if its just for fun, and it gives owners a real sense of partnership with their dog :)


Is it easy to train?


​As with any dog training discipline it takes a long time and much dedication to train successfully with your dog. If you watch agility on youtube the handlers make it look so easy. Many months (possibly years) of time and hard work have been put into the partnership.  


Can any dog do agility?


As long as your dog is fit and healthy there is no reason to think they won't enjoy agility. Timid dogs often gain more confidence by taking part and rescue dogs can form strong bonds with their new owners if they are learning something fun together. 

​At BUDS we promote motivational, reward based training using toys, treats and lots of praise. We teach skills to handlers in a fun, relaxing and friendly environment to guide their dog effectively around the courses.

Taster Courses run for 4 weeks so you get the opportunity to see if agility and/or hoopers is something your dog might really enjoy. Tasters are aimed at dogs of all ages, including puppies over 6 months. 

The emphasis on these classes: easy exercises, with fun and enjoyment for everyone.

See Classes Information for more details.....

How do I start???


We offer all training on a one dog/handler

to one instructor for anyone who:

  • would prefer not being part of a class

  • would like to to try agility without witnesses, or

  • you need specific training advice  


Please call us to discuss your requirements, please note: despite lots of training in dog behaviour WE ARE NOT BEHAVIOURISTS but if you need some support and direction we are happy to help.

Our next course will start Monday 4th March at 5.00pm    


Our Puppy Life Skills classes are limited  to 6  puppies per class to ensure everyone feels supported.  


You will also have access to online videos, tips and tricks to keep    your puppy  mentally stimulated. 

All classes are outside in a fenced in paddock, so appropriate footwear  is dependent on the weather conditions.


Give your puppy the very best start to understand how to be a happy member of your family.

Further dates can be added based on demand for classes :)

Got yourself a new family member?

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