Our Instructors

As handlers and competitors ourselves we understand how important it is to be able to instruct people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, sharing our experience and knowledge to create an enjoyable environment to train you and your dog(s). 

To ensure we can do this effectively - not only do we have over 43 years of experience between us - but we often attend training and workshops by leading international dog handlers to ensure we can offer our members appropriate training techniques. 

Gail and Miranda are qualified agility instructors with the Agility Club, have Canine First Aid certificates and Gail also holds a current level 3 first aid (for humans) certificate.

Hayley is a fully qualified KC agility judge and already has many judging appointments under belt. Its great that she can contribute towards our fabulous sport and also we can teach our handlers from different perspectives. 

The dog sport of Hoopers is becoming more popular across the Country every year. Gail entered her first show in October 2020, passed her UK Hoopers' judging exam in April 2021 and went on to pass her Instructor's Course in June 2021.

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Gail Gilbert ACAI

Gail has been competing in agility since 1997 and is a fully qualified agility instructor through the Agility Club's Instructor's Course. She also has a Level 3 Pet First Aid Certificate and is currently studying her Level 3 in Canine Behaviour and Welfare.

Her first dog, an English springer spaniel turned out to be amazing at agility and won many competitions until she retired at 12 and a half years. In 2001 Gail decided to change breeds to border collies, which she breeds under the Bordertrix affix.

Having gained lots of experience, training several dogs, she decided to start BUDS in April 2010 so she could help Hayley to qualify for the more prestigious agility competitions.

Gail currently runs 2 home bred border collies under her Bordertrix affix and competes at grade 6 with Boo (Sensational (AW(B). In 2020 Gail opted to bring home cockerpoo, Zenii to join the gang.



Miranda Frith ACAI

Miranda started agility back in 2008 with her border collie, decided one was not enough, so brought another to join the family. After training at an indoor venue she came to BUDS to practice training outside in readiness for competitions.

When Hayley went to University in 2015 I invited Miranda to help me out by training some of the agility classes that Hayley had been teaching.

Miranda has had some bad luck with her dogs' health over the years and has been limited to the allsorts classes at competition. However, before lockdown she won into grade 4 with her cocker spaniel and went on to win her first ever grade 4 agility class!  Now there is a new border collie in town who is showing some real talent for agility = so watch this space for 2021.

Miranda is also a fully qualified agility instructor with the Agility Club and holds a current canine first aid certificate. 



Hayley Gilbert

Hayley started competing at age 7 with Gail's dogs and had many judges' special rosettes due to her good sportsmanship and determination to finish each course no matter what. 

In 2012 her dreams came true when she became owned by her very own Shetland sheepdog (sheltie). 

In their first season Hayley went from grade 1-4 in 8 months, season 2 she had won up to grade 5, by  the end of 2017 she had won up to grade 7 and qualified to start championship classes in 2018. In 2020 they qualified to run on the green carpet at Crufts in a YKC event.

Hayley has a border collie coming out in 2021 who is showing great promise for his first season.  

Now a fully fledged KC agility judge Hayley will putting something back into the sport we all love so much. 

In 2020 Hayley attended an Xcel Judges Seminar to enhance her CPD in this field.