Covid-19 update - all classes have fully resumed with a maximum of 6 handlers. We offer 1 - 1 instruction, please contact us for more information. Risk Assessment available upon request.

Puppy Classes between 6.00pm - 7.00pm, on Mondays 


Agility classes from short taster courses to competition level


We pride ourselves on making everyone welcome in our classes. We work with you and your dog to ensure you fully understand the exercises, whatever level you are aiming for. If you would like to compete we will fully support you as a Club. If you are just having fun with your dog - that's great and is what agility is all about. 

Taster Courses run in April and September for 4 consecutive weeks.

Starters agility classes are for handlers moving on from taster courses and anyone joining us who has some experience of agility training.

Currently available on Saturday mornings.

Our Competition Class is for dogs and handlers who are competent on all pieces of equipment and are able to compete. This Class is on Saturday mornings.


We also offer one-to-one sessions on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays @ £20 an hour, please contact us for more information or to book your place.

Good for every level from complete novice to competitor or you are welcome to use the equipment without instruction* if you just need to practice by yourself.


Other stuff to know..............

For agility a basic level of obedience is needed before beginning classes.

A wait and recall will really help you get the most out of your classes.


Don't expect your dog to just want to do agility for you because you want them to.

We offer lots of strategies to encourage your dog to want to work with you. 

Tasty treats, chaser toys and lots of praise for getting things right and definitely no harsh words or handling is accepted as this causes nervousness, fear and possibly even aggression :( 

We use kind, reward based training at BUDS and we can also demonstrate the benefits of using a clicker to communicate with your dog. However, clickers are not for every dog and we will adapt our methods to suit each individual.

Having a Bath
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Running from Mondays to Thursday evenings from April to September. 

October, November, December and March, Saturdays only.

January & February classes will not be running, one to one training available.

From complete beginner to competition level, we have classes to suit all abilities.

Contact us for our next 4 week Taster Course - £25.00 for 4 weeks, teaching basic level. Puppies over 6 months, (no jumping involved) just lots of fun for everyone :) 

Taster course starting 01/12/2021 (includes Hoopers)!

Rescue Puppy

A course of 4 weeks helping owners to live in harmony with their canine friend.

Lots of sensible stuff but also fun games and tricks to keep puppy focused, and homework to practice between classes.


Just £45.00 for the course, with access to videos to help you reach a high level of success. 

Bring your best tasty morsels and a sense of humour!


Classes starting in March 2022



A new dog sport involving your dog running through hoops (more like giant croquet hoop), tunnels and negotiating barrels. This is an inclusive activity suitable even for puppies and older dogs, all breeds and crosses, as long as they are fit enough. This is great fun and easy to train and the dogs just LOVE it!

Hoopers  & Agility taster course starting 01/12/2021